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We design and create AV Shows for events & performing arts, we are video mapping designers, we are dancers, we are interactive programmers, we are motion graphers and we work for your dreams...
We are Paco Gramaje Studio from Barcelona and below your will find our main interactive Shows on demand.



interactive AV Installation

TOUCH ME AGAIN is an interactive installation that works with the touch between two volunteers from the public who will alternate every 5 minutes. Depending on time, intensity and touch zone there will be a different interaction with audio reactive visuals that also pick up the faces of the two people!


Live Face Mapping Performance

Our Performance mixes digital live painting and 3D Face Mapping, which allows us to create different make-up for every attendant in a given event. 

We also include in the performance an interaction phase where the user can experiment with their own image/body in our Real Time video mapping.

The visuals can be customized depending on the event or festival.


Interactive installation

An interactive performance where a sensor collects the movements of the public  to transform them into pure visual magic.


Sound & Light Installation

“Oberon’s Tears” is a magic forest where sound
and water interweave and feed each other
 to create melodies of illusion.

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