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Paco Gramaje is a creative studio in Barcelona formed by a multidisciplinary team with a long experience in 3D animation, interactive design, motion graphics and video mapping.


We are specialists in creating shows with a wide portfolio ideal to give the artistic and unique touch to any event of your business. We are different from the rest for our passion, creativity and the sensitivity of our pieces that create a special dream universe in each event or festival.


We work closely with the customer for a common goal to achieve the best and most satisfactory product. We are open to new horizons and new challenges in the field of audiovisual design. We always look for ways to surprise the client with refreshing and original ideas. The purpose of all our projects is that the public immersed in another world through music, dance and immersive suggestive images that together create a multisensory experience.


Paco Gramaje's team already has performances in several countries in Europe, Asia and North Africa, acting for prestigious brands as well as international festivals around the world.


Paco Gramaje Studio also offers consultancy and master class services of Video mapping for performing arts to companies and individuals in Spain and Latin America.


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